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How to get a Philippine UMID Card?

August 11, 2019

The UMID card is one of the authorized valid IDs in the Philippines, which can be used to complete the applications for any government issued Document, like the Passport or a Birth Certificate.

Furthermore it’s the easiest ID to get. The process of applying for this special ID is very simple. What is a UMID Card to begin with? The “UMID” stands for Unified Multi-Purpose ID.

It is a single Identification Card valid for all the members of the SSS (Social Security System), GSIS (Government Service Insurance System), HDMF (Home Development Mutual Fund) and the PhilHealth (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation).

The Card cannot be reproduced due to special Security Features, preventing Frauds. It stores the owners Biometrical data, such as Facial image, signature and Fingerprints in a contactless Smart Chip.

As mentioned, the process is actually very simple, but there are some precautions to be made beforehand to avoid unnecessary delays.


Requirements For The First Application

Not everyone is eligible to apply for the UMID Card. For the first UMID card from the SSS the applicant must have at least one-month posted SSS contribution, have a valid date of coverage and a active SSS number status, it can’ be canceled or inactive.

Furthermore, the applicant is only eligible if he never has been issued an SSS ID or UMID card. For Kasambahays without poster contribution a permanent SSS membership status and employer’s proof of contribution payment (SSS Form R5) made at the teller section of an SSS branch is required.

GSIS members and pensioners are required to secure a UMID-compliant eCard from any GSIS office.

Indigent Filipinos and other PhiliHealth members, which do not have coverage by the SSS or the GSIS, can get a UMID card from PhiliHealth.

Necessary Documents To Apply For UMID

The requirements differ from SSS to GSIS members. SSS members have to fill out a form, which is available here:

It is advised to always fill them out with black or blue ink and always in Capital Letters. SSS members have also to present an original or certified copy of a valid primary ID, which are the Passport, Driver’s License, PRC ID and Seaman’s Book. If the applicant does not have any of those primary IDs, two secondary IDs with the full name and the correct birthday are required.

The form for GSIS members can be downloaded here:

The recommendations regarding the SSS form also count for this form. Together with this form an original and a photocopy of the GSIS eCard or passport is necessary. If not available, two secondary IDs with at least 1 photo is required instead.

How To Apply For UMID

The procedure of the application is rather simple as mentioned before. SSS members have to attend to an SSS branch with UMID enrollment. The list of SSS branches, which can process UMID enrollment, is available here:

There SSS staff will verify the documents and validate the information with the SSS database. After everything is in order the Biometrics will be taken. The UMID card will be delivered within 30 days. The card has to be unlocked by using a SSS Kiosk in any SSS Branch.

The procedure for GSIS members is similar. The applicant has to attend in any GSIS Office, check and validate the documents and undergo the Biometrical Collection. GSIS will notify the applicant via text message when the card is available. The UMID has to be claimed in the same Office as the application. The card can be activated in any GSIS branch, Provincial Capitol, City Hall, Municipal Hall, Government office, or Robinsons Mall at any GSIS Wireless Activated Processing System-Kiosk.

Requirements For UMID Card Replacement

If the information on the UMID card has to be changed or was stolen/lost, an UMID Replacement Request has to be submitted. Two copies of the Member’s Data Change Request Form and the required documents are requested and have to submit to any SSS or GSIS Branch.

The Member’s Data Change Request Form:

A notarized affidavit of loss or affidavit of non-receipt of the card is required before the Request can be submitted.  The notary public has a template for this kind of affidavit. There is a fee of Php 200 for a Card replacement. If the Card information has changed and a new one is requested the old one has be surrendered.