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How To Apply For Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)

September 10, 2019

The PRC, Professional Regulation Commission, is a Philippine commission created to regulate and supervise professionals working in the Philippines.

This Commission create the PRC License and the PRC ID card. The PRC ID card is a valid ID for most of the transactions, which need a valid ID. The PRC ID Card proofs the identity of the owner and identifies him as a licensed professional in the respective line of work.

The process of getting the PRC ID Card is not difficult. It can be apply to online, via the PRC website. The application is not really an obstacle, the harder part is to get the necessary exams done, in order to be able to apply for the PRC ID Card. The Oath Form, necessary for the application, can be find online.

More about the exact ways to apply in the sections below. The actual application has to be made in the nearest PRC Central Office.

The license and the ID can be renew online, which actually is new system, only implemented in September 2018. The online system can be access by anyone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The PRC is indispensable for any worker in the Philippine and the application, as mentioned, is not hard.


PRC ID Applications And Requirements

To be eligible to apply for a PRC ID the applicant has to pass a professional licensure exam in the Philippines first. Some documents are required for the application, between them are the community tax certificate(cedula), which can be obtained from a municipal hall or barangay, a printed and accomplished Oath form, two 2×2 pictures, both in JPG, two documentary stamps and a short brown envelope which can be purchased within the PRC. A NOA (Notice of Admission). Besides that a registration fee has to be payed.

PRC Fees Table
PRC Fees Table

First of all, to complete the application, PRC Online Account must be registered. For the registration an active email address and a mobile number is required. The Registration will ask for some personal information like employment details and education. A recent photo (2×2) in JPG format will be necessary. Besides that a Valid ID is needed. The registration can be completed at the PRC LERIS website.

The application for the professional identification card, or short the PRC ID, is easy. If it is the first PRC ID there are some easy steps to follow to complete the application successfully.

The first step is logging in to the previously made PRC online account. There will be a button labeled “Transaction” on the right side. After choosing the “Initial Registration” tab a profession has to be chosen. After inserting the NOA a PRC regional office has to be chosen. The system will schedule an appointment, which can be change according to the applicant’s needs and wishes (if available).

After those steps are complete the before mentioned fees have to be paid. After the payment confirmation, an accomplished Oath form can be print, which has to be signed by the applicant.

The appointment printed oath form and the previously stated documents have to be submitt to the PRC regional office or service center. Initial applicant have to take part of the oath taking ceremony before being able to claim the PRC ID card and the Certificate of Registration.

If the applicant took part on the ceremony, he can withdraw the ID on the same day. If not the PRC ID can be claimed after 5 working days after the scheduled Oath-Taking.

PRC Online Renewal

The PRC ID is only valid for 3 years. After those 3 years it has to renewed, but only during the applicants birth month and 10 months before the ID expires. The process of renewal is similar to the first application. The requirements will be stated in the next section.

The first step is signing in to the PRC online account. Like in the first process the Transaction button is the way to go.

On the page a “Renewal” labeled button will appear. Like the first process, the current profession has to be chosen. The PRC license number must to be filled. Another appointment for the renewal will be scheduled.

After the payment of previously stated fees, the accomplished PRC ID Renewal application form can be print and has to be signed. Another passport size photo will be request to retrieve the renewed PRC ID at the regional office on the appointment date.

PRC Online Renewal Requirements

The requirements to complete the process stated in the last section are pretty much the same as for the first application for the PRC ID. However, before the application for the renewal can be made a presentation for the earned CPD units has to me made.

This law was create in 2016. To do so the professionals who want to renew their PRC IDs have to provide the original and a copy of all certificated of credit units earned.

The required CPD units for each professions may vary. Completing the presentation of stated units only, the renewal application form and a passport photo (2×2) are required.

How To Verify If You Are In The PRC Registry

To verify if the applicant is stated on the PRC registry just got to

In the Menu a button labeled “Verification of Licenses” can be found. After selecting a profession the applicant can find out if he is registered or not by searching in the registry using his full name or his license number.

When using the name the system will look for the name in the system.

By searching with the license number, the initial registration date, number and the license validity can be found.