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Philippine Passport Application

August 11, 2019

The Philippine passport is the ticket to the world. To acquire it is the most vital step for everyone who wants to travel.

The document is necessary for taking on the civil service examination or get every kind of visas to work, study or travel in foreign countries.

This article will explain step by step how to apply and how to get a Philippine Passport. The first matters, which will be addressed, are the requirements needed for everyone who wants to apply for a new passport.

The text will also inform about how to apply for the Philippine passport and how the appointment system works.

Furthermore, the procedure for renewing the passport and all the fees included will be addressed.

There are many things vital for a successful execution of the process that have to be considered and the more information is gathered prior to the actual application, the lower is the Chance of failure or delay.

Philippine Passport
Philippine Passport

Passport Requirements

Furthermore an accomplished Application Form is necessary. When an appointThe core requirements for a successful application for the passport are pretty simple. The first one to actually get the application started is a Confirmed Online Appointment. This appointment can be scheduled here: The individual applying must attend personally to the Appointmentment is scheduled, the system asks the Applicant to fill out the application form.

After a successful Submit of the form the application has to be paid. The Online system holds the appointment slot for 48 hours, if the application is not paid after those 48 hours, the slot will not be locked and the process has to be repeated.

After the payment is confirmed, the system will send you a PDF file with your appointment schedule slip and the already accomplished application form via Email. Both of the files have to be printed and are necessary to show on the scheduled day. The forms have to be printed on an A4-size paper. There are different forms for adults and minors.

Philippine passport: Form1
Philippine passport Form1
Philippine passport: Form2
Philippine passport Form2
















The Application Form for Adults.

An original copy of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Authenticated Birth Certificate on Security Paper is also required. Besides that, married females (who are using their spouse’s last name) must also submit an original copy of the PSA Authenticated Marriage Contract on Security Paper or Report of Marriage. A Local Civil Registrar Copy may be required if PSA Birth Certificate is not clear or cannot be read.

And the last Requirement is a valid ID with one (1) Photocopy of it. The official government webpage has a full list of all the valid ID’s:

In addition, when special cases occur additional “Supporting Documents” may be necessary. Which ones can be checked here:

How To Renew The Passport

For the ones who already have a passport and want to renew it the requirements are basically the same. The applicant has to bring the old passport to renew it, with a photocopy of the data page.

The form for the renewal is slightly different. The appointment for a passport renewal can be made here:

How To Apply For The Philippine Passport

The application is fairly easy Philippine citizens can choose to apply for passports in the Philippines from any of the regional consular offices, satellite offices located in selected malls, and at the Office of Consular Affairs in Parañaque City. Depending on their place of legal residence abroad, Filipinos can approach the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate to file a passport application. The Appointments are scheduled via Internet, all what is needed is a working Computer with Internet Access. The application is made here:

The system offers different locations for the application. After the choice of the site a valid and vacant Date and Time has to be chosen. The system will ask about several personal information. After the completion of the Form a payment method has to be chosen. Fees and Prices depend on the Urgency of the Passport Emission.

Online payments via Credit/Debit Cards are not available yet. The payment can be fulfilled in any of the authorized establishments by the DFA, for example Bayad Center, EcPay, Per Hub and many more. There are a few things to take care off when attending to the scheduled Appointment. The first is the dress code, some clothes may be considered unappropriated and will not be allowed to enter the Building.

Also minors under 18 years have to be accompanied by an Adult. It is recommended to arrive at the place 30 minutes to 1 hour before the scheduled appointment. There is no need to bring passport photos. The encoding team inside will take photos, fingerprints and a digitized signature. Only light make-up will be allowed. Furthermore, the photo requires removing all jewelry and glasses which will appear on the picture.

Lastly, the team will communicate the date when the passport will be available to be claimed. Alternatively the passport can be delivered for a fee of 150 Php.

Passport Fees

As mentioned before, some fees apply when applying for the passport: