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What is Philhealth?

August 11, 2019

Nowadays, almost every workplace requires that working Filipinos have their very own PhilHealth accounts.

But not everyone has one already, because the traditional process of registration is painful and really difficult.

That is why PhilHealth now gives Filipinos who do not already have an existing PhilHealth Account the opportunity to be able to enjoy all the benefits by simply applying online, a modern, faster and by far easier way.

Philhealth is the National Health Insurance Program, affordable and efficient. It was designed in 1995 and offers an easy and affordable access to quality health insurance coverage.

The universal health insurance program includes a well-structured system of funds, collection, management, constitution and disbursement for funding the acquisition of a basic minimum package for people in need.

Resuming, it is a vital part of the routine of every Filipino. But before being able to enjoy all the benefits Philhealth has to offer, the application has to be completed successfully. And to aid with the Success of the Application, this article will resume and explain the steps for a quick and safe process.

Philhealth: card
Philhealth: card

Benefits Of Philhealth

PhilHealth offers a lot of benefits to members. Some of those benefits are the very basic ones. Members and their (qualified) dependents can enjoy benefits for medical expenses every time medical attention is needed in case of sickness or even operations.

Both, the member and the legal dependents, can get equal benefits. Every year, 45 days hospitalization are allocated for the member and 45 days to be divided to all the members qualified dependents. But it is important to keep in mind that hospitalization days exceeding the 45 days will not be covered by PhilHealth.

These benefits can be used by the member and the qualified dependents, provided that:

– The member has an updated contributions or valid PhilHealth coverage.

– That the health institution which the beneficent attended is accredited by PhilHealth

– That the allocated 45 days available for the year of the occurrence are not yet been consumed (except for other PhilHealth benefits such as hemodialysis, which follow different rules).

There are some requirements for the claim of the benefits. To be eligible to the PhilHealth benefits when hospitalized, the member must have paid at least 3 months of premium within the immediate 6 months of confinement. And of course the attending physician(s) and hospital have to be accredited by PhilHealth.

There is also a need to submit some documents before being discharged from the hospital for automatic deduction:

Philhealth Contribution Table 2019

Philhealth makes a yearly table available in which all the information mentioned and listed before can be found with more Details, called the “Philhealth Contribution Table“:

Types Of Philhealth Members

The membership is automatic for all employed citizens, but PhilHealth is also available for the following members:

– Employed Citizens and members of the formal economy, which include all the employees with offices in the Philippines, like seafarers and household helpers, when their agencies are based inside the country. The premium range is from Php 200 to 875/month.

– Individually paying citizens or self-employed ones, voluntaries, or members of the informal economy, which include all unemployed or self-employed employees. Also included are any professionals or business owners, as well as farmers and retirees. The premium range in their case is Php 600 per quarter and Php 900 per quarter for those who earn more than Php 25,000 a month.

– Overseas workers (OFWs). This includes all OFWs which passed through the POEA and pay their respective OEC fees. The premium fee for them is Php 2,400 a year.

– Sponsored Members are all members working for a non-profit organization. For the premium benefits, the sponsor pays Php 2,400 a year

– Indigent Members: All members, which possess no source of income, or those without a stable household income. The membership is pre-determined by the DSWD.

– Lifetime Members are those who successfully payed at least 120 Premium Months. Membership becomes free as soon as they become 60 years old.

– Senior Citizens, which are all Filipino citizens who already reached the age of 60 years or above but were never able to, for any given reason, be a PhilHealth member. This also includes the senior citizens who could not pay 120 premium months for the duration of their previous membership.

How To Apply For Philhealth Membership Online?

The process of applying for a PhilHealth Membership online is pretty easy. The first step is to access the official registration webpage on this link:

Employed Members, Self-employed members, Overseas Filipino Workers and Retirees in the Government and Private Sector can use the fast and easy online application. The others have to choose the other way, which consists in filling out 2 copies of this form:, and submitting it to the nearest Local Health Insurance Office together with two 1×1 ID pictures, two valid IDs and the respective documents depending on the kind of membership owned.

After following the link to the online application, the system will ask about specific information which include:  Membership Category Information, Personal Information, Addresses, Information from Dependents, Contact Details, Guardian Information. Furthermore some supporting Documents, for example the Driver’s License or passport etc.

Those documents have to be scanned and saved in the formats JPEG, GIF, PNG or PDF and uploaded. After the completion, an email will be sent with the PhilHealth number.

Philhealth Online Services

The Philhealth Online Platform offers diverse benefits and services. Included in those Services are:

– Being able to check on the accuracy of membership details

– Electronic Registration for Individuals and Groups

– Case Rates Search

– Claims Eligibility Checking

– An Electronic Premium Remittance System

Besides all that, the Online Service also offers the possibility for Accredited Collecting Agents to submit daily RF2 reports directly online and also shows a complete and updated list of all Health Care Institutions and their respective accreditation status.