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How To Apply For Postal ID

September 5, 2019

The Postal ID is like many other documents, a very important government issued document, which can be used for identification and valid ID in most of the cases. A Government ID is necessary for opening Bank accounts, domestic flights, even to get a driver’s license. How to apply for Postal ID?

The Postal ID is one of the easiest IDs one can get. It is obtainable from the Philippine Postal Corporation.

Every Filipino is eligible to get a Postal ID. It does not matter if the applicant currently lives in the Philippines or if he lives abroad.

Foreigner can get a Postal ID too, but they have to live at least for 6 months in the Philippines to be eligible to apply for one.

The application process, as mentioned is very simple. It is always important to have multiple government issued IDs, since almost every application in the Philippines requires to have at least one.

Postal ID Card
Postal ID Card

What Is A Postal ID

The Postal ID is valid for 3 years. As mentioned it counts as a government-issued ID, means that it can be used for anything that requires a valid ID. It is generally used in Banks and other financial institutions.

Postal ID Requirements

Some documents are required to apply for a Postal ID. First of all a proof of identity is needed. A birth certificate, SSS or GSIS UMID Card, a valid driver’s license or a valid passport can be used for that.

If the applicant does not have any of those, he can optionally bring 2 “lesser” documents which must have the applicant’s photo and signature on it. The second part is a proof of address. Any document stating the applicant’s address should be fine.

Beside the documents only an application form is required. Two copies of the filled out Form have to be brought with alongside the documents. The personal application can be made at any Postal Office. The application can be made online. More about how to apply for the Postal ID online in the next Section.

How To Apply For The Postal ID Online

The online application is very simple too. No tests or proof of employments is needed.

1st step is downloading the application form at the Philippine Postal ID website. As mentioned before two copies are necessary for the application.

2nd step is gathering the documents required for the application, as stated in the previous section. Those documents, together with the application forms for the Postal ID have to be taken to the neared ID capture station. There are over 260 ID capture stations nationwide, so finding one should be easy. If not, there is a list of all capture stations on: At the capture stations the applicant will be digitally photographed and biometric signatures will be taken. The offices will have clearly marked windows for Postal ID application.

3rd step is paying the fee and waiting for the Postal ID delivery to the applicant’s address, which has to be put on the form when filling it out.

The delivery time is around 15 working days for addresses in around Metro Manila and 20 working days for any other big city. On island provinces or remote barangays, the delivery can take up to 30 working days.

Resuming, the application is not completely online, but still one of the easiest IDs to get.

Postal ID Application Fees

As every government issued ID, the Postal ID requires the applicant to pay a fee. The fee for a new Postal ID card and the Delivery is Php 450. Adding to that fee there is as 12% VAT cost. Like that, the total fee for the Postal ID is Php 504.

There is a way to upgrade the old Postal ID into a new Postal ID card. The application is basically the same, 2 forms are needed and of course the current Postal ID card. The fees for the new Postal ID are not the same when uprading it from an old one.

For old Postal ID which is valid for the next 36 months the discount is 25%: Php 389,20.

To Card that is valid for the next 24 to 35 months the discount is 20%: Php 412,16.

For the Cards which are valid for the next 12 to 23 months the discount is 10%: Php 458,08.