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How to get a Philippine Birth Certificate

August 11, 2019
Birth certificate_1

The Birth certificate is one of the most important documents for doing almost everything. It is necessary for all the basic things like for example getting hired, applying for the civil service exam and all the other government-issued documents.

In case none of the IDs approved by the government have the date of birth, a Birth Certificate is of upmost Importance.

Also the driver’s license requires a valid Certificate. There are enough reasons to assure the value of this document.

But how can a Birth Certificate be acquired? There are several manners how to get a Birth Certificate, some of them easier and faster, by either doing the traditional ways or by using the modern and fast PSA online application system.

It is correct to affirm, that the online application is by far faster than the traditional ways.

This article will provide vital information for a successful completion of the Application, traditional or online.

Birth certificate
Birth certificate

What Is A Birth Certificate?

Quoting the PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority), a birth certificate is a “vital record that establishes the birth of a child”. Pretty easy this document can be used to prove Identity, Nationality and the Place of origin.

The Certificate contains a lot of information, including: Sex/Gender, Nationality, the child’s parents names, the complete name of the child and the correct date, time and place of birth. The first Birth Certificate is usually issued shortly after the birth of the child.

All Certificates are stored in the LCR. Besides that, all records of births are archived in the PSA Database. A Birth Certificate is or the Original or a certified copy. It is also important to mention that the Birth Certificate does not expire, but from time to time the PSA requires a new print of it due to changes to the Security Paper on which documents are printed. Consequently, some Establishments may require up-to-date Certificate or Copy.

PSA Birth Certificate Requirements

There is some information which has to be provided in order to acquaint the Birth Certificate. The PSA provided a list of information required:

Birth certificate: PSA Birth Certificate Requirements
Birth certificate: PSA Birth Certificate Requirements

How To Get A Birth Certificate Online?

There are multiple ways to get the Birth Certificate. The focus on this article is the online application, whatsoever if there is no available way for an online application there are the traditional Walk-in Applications. Those can be made at the nearest Census Serbilis Center in any area. There is a complete and update list of all Census Serbilis Centers here:

The Walk-In-Application requires a valid ID. If the Birth Certificate is requested by a person who is not the owner of it, who isn’t a parent, spouse, direct descendant or legal guardian/institution in charge in case of minors, an Authorization Letter of the Birth Certificate from the owner is required.  In addition to the documents, a Certificate Application Form has to be filled with the already mentioned information. The form is directly available at the Information Marshall. A screener will check the document for accuracy, consistency and legibility. After that, the document will be approved for payment. The fee is Php 230. When the payment is done the Birth Certificate will be issued usually within 2 hours after the Submission. Only in special cases or when the birthday is prior to 1940 it can take up to 10 working days.

The same procedure can be made in SM Business Centers  located in SM Malls. The form may vary a bit. The fee in SM Business Centers is Php 180 and the date of delivery is between 4-6 days after submission.

The second and easier/faster way is via an Online Application. The online Application can be made here: by simply clicking on the button. The system will request the following information:

– Requester’s Name

– Delivery Address

– Telephone/Mobile Number

– Email address

– Tax Identification Number (Optional)

The Delivery address can be anywhere in the world. There is also a choice to send the requested documents to a foreign embassy in Manila.

After the initial information is submitted the system will provide a similar form as mentioned before. The information required for this form can be checked in the text above.

The payment can be made through a Credit Card, BDO, UnionBank or Bayad Center for philippine residents. Other countries have to pay with a Credit Card or Foreign Correspondents to the Philippine Banks.

The fees for delivery inside the Philippines is Php 330 and for other countries USD 20,30. All Processing fees and taxes are included in those values.

The Delivery will happen between 4-9 days within the Philippines and 6-8 weeks in other countries after the payment confirmation.

The second alternative for the Online Application of the Birth Certificate is the PSA Helpline. The procedure is pretty much the same. The difference lay in price and delivery speed.  Furthermore the PSA Helpline only delivers inside the Philippines. A single copy of the Birth Certificate costs Php 365, but arrives within 2-7 working days.

PSA Hotline Number

In addition to all those ways mentioned in the past paragraphs there is another possibility. The PSA Hotline Number makes it possible to order a Birth Certificate over the phone via the 24//7 PSA Hotline Number: (02) 737-1111