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BPI Online Provides a New Banking Experience. Check What it is

Today the technology provides many benefits to consumers in various areas. Banking is no different. An example of this is BPI Online.

The digital platform of the BPI Philippines Bank integrates virtually all types of online services that are available in the BPI ATMs and branches, but by the website.

Therefore, it is possible for customers to consult balance, bank statement and even to make payments or transfer money.

Thanks to BPI Express Online, it is no longer necessary to leave home to have access to banking services.

The BPI is a universal bank and one of the largest in the world.

Thus, to align themselves with banking technologies, the bank allows customers to use the digital account through an electronic register that must be done beforehand.

In this electronic register, you will create access data-user ID and password to use exclusively on the website.

To learn more about the BPI website, follow below:

What is BPI Online

As mentioned, BPI bank makes available to its customers an online network so that they can access their BPI accounts.

An online platform relies on the security provided by modern security modules that protect your transactions and personal and banking information.

Thus, the Bank of the Philippine island allows customers to enter their data online and create a required login so they can access their accounts.

Having access to payments, transactions, balance queries and credit cards have never been easier.

How to Use BPI Express Online

As the name suggests, the Bpiexpressonline is an online tool that allows customers a much more comfortable and optimized relationship with the Bank of Philippine Islands.

This service is free to customers, who can access it in two ways: by the browser, on any device with Internet access, or even by the app, on mobile phones and tablets.

The fact is, in both cases, you need to create a User ID and password for online access purposes.

This will ensure more security and keep your account secure.

What to Access in BPI Online Banking

Surely, you have noticed that customers using BPI online have access to numerous advantages.

In addition to the convenience of being able to cease your bank account from where you are, the time saved is one of the main factors that motivated this real banking revolution.

In this way, it is no longer necessary to spend time with traffic, queues and await consultations to solve simple negotiations.

See below the services available in BPI Express, BPI Expressonline:

  • Check bank balance;
  • Access bank statement;
  • Check savings balance;
  • See limits and general rates;
  • Check credit card limit;
  • Payments;
  • Transfer of funds;
  • Check investment options;
  • Access transaction history.

History of BPI Philippines

The BPI was founded in August 1851 under the name of El Banco Español Filipino de Isabel II.

This was the first official bank to be inaugurated in the Philippines, exerting an important role in the economic conjuncture of the region.

In this way, financial and corporate life began and the bank became a central milestone in the Philippines.

Granting credit to the National treasury and printing local currencies were the main milestones that demonstrate the importance of the bank to the site.

In 1898, after the Hispano-American war, the bank suffered some changes.

Its current name was conceived only in 1912.

After that, in the 1980s, thanks to an organic growth and after several acquisitions, the BPI received the universal Bank endorsement.

In this way, the BPI began to exert several types of banking services to the population.

Nowadays, the BPI operates as one of the main banks in the Philippines and its historical importance is undeniable for the development of the region.