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BDO Online Offers Virtual Services, See it

BDO Online is a virtual platform that customers of the Bank of Oro, from the Philippines, have access.

Nowadays, thanks to the computerization of various areas and services, it is no longer necessary to go to a physical bank to make payments, transfers or simply check your balance.

Thanks to BDO online Banking, virtually all the features that a BDO client has access to can be accessed online.

This guarantees much more convenience, in addition, of course, of timesaving, since it is not necessary to address a branch.

To learn more about the BDO online application facilities, see below:

What is BDO Online

BDO Bank is the largest bank in the Philippines in terms of total assets.

The bank also provides business and corporate services and subsidies.

Thanks to the digital platform, customers use my BDO Online to access their accounts from wherever they are.

This is possible because customers can access the website from mobile phones, tablets or computers.

This way, it is not necessary to address a branch to see balance, bank statement, BDO online transfer or even move the account when making payments and transfers.

BDO customers can use the BDO personal online banking through an electronic register, in which new access data will be created exclusively for digital use.

How to Access BDO Online Account

If you already own the digital register, accessing the online BDO is very simple.

To this, just access the official website of the bank – www. BDO and, in the center of the page, enter your data – user ID and password.

After filling in your data, simply click on Login to enter online banking and have access to all services of the online bank.

Enroll on BDO Internet Banking

If you do not have a registration to access your online account, please be aware that you can easily do so directly on the website.

To do this, just follow the instructions below:

  • Access MyBDO website;
  • Click “Enroll Now”;
  • Fill-out the Form with your personal data and check the Internet Banking box option;
  • So, click on Submit.

You will receive an ATM so that you can validate your online registration.

Use this code in an ATM with your debit card.

After the online registration process, you have a deadline of 45 days to activate your account.

If you do not activate within this period, you will need to repeat the registration process in MYBDO.

If you want, you can also register a mobile number.

How to Check BDO Online Inquiry

Being able to access your account remotely is an excellent form of convenience and time optimization.

Some time ago, when someone needed to do a simple bank statement check, it was necessary to address an ATM or branch.

Nowadays, thanks to online banking BDO, you can do this from the comfort of your home.

See below how to consult inquiry through the BDO online banking.

  • Access your online account on BDO Banking;
  • Click on Online Banking Login and type your User ID and Password;
  • Access Account Information option, under Navigate menu;
  • Click My Statement of Account under the Account Information option;
  • Submit the Account Number and Year;
  • Choose the Statement Date that you want to view;
  • On the next page, you can see your statements.