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How to Open Account in BDO

February 23, 2019

BDO open account is a way to operate a bank account in one of the largest banks available in the Philippines.

Bank customers have access to various benefits and services, such as the BDO online account.

For more information on the virtual platform, also follow our article What is BDO Online and How to Use it, and check it out right now.

This online platform allows customers to access their account, consult balances, bank statements and even make payments and transfers online and securely.

There are checking account and saving account, each customer can choose whether to join the two modalities in their account, or opt for only one.

To know how to open an account in BDO, follow below:

How to Open Account in BDO

Opening a savings account is one of the best options to keep your money properly guarded.

In addition, customers also have another benefit than saving hours.

Thus, in addition to the branches being open Monday to Friday, in saving hours, the branches are also open on weekends, with special schedules.

Check out BDO new account requirements if you want to open a savings.

See the walkthrough below:

Choose the BDO Saving Account Type

There are several types of savings.

When opening a new account BDO, you must choose from the following options:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Prime Savers
  • Junior Savers
  • Optimum Savings (Business)
  • Optimum Savings (Personal)
  • Peso ATM Debit Card
  • Peso Passbook Savings

Take the Required Documents

After you know and choose the type of savings, you can proceed to separate your required documents to initiate the procedure.

Check out the full list of documents you’ll need for opening account in BDO.

  • 2 recognized valid IDs;
  • Utility Bill for address verification purposes;
  • Copies of 2 × 2 photo;
  • Initial Deposit Amount – The amount required to start your account will depend on the mode of savings that each customer chooses.

Account Opening Procedure

Now that you have checked BDO account opening requirements, see below How to open your account

If you personally address a BDO branch with the documents you have checked up on hand;

You will receive an application form that you must fill out correctly with your complete personal data.

This is a very important step, it is recommended that you check your information again for no errors;

Arrange the necessary deposit;

The applicant will need to wait 1 to 2 days to activate your account.

You can claim for your ATM or Passbook normally one week after you opening your BDO savings account.