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Here’s How to Use BDO Online App

February 23, 2019

BDO Online app is a feature that bank clients of Banco do Oro have access to.

Thanks to the application, consumers do not need to address an ATM or branch whenever they want to consult or move their accounts.

The application is available in the form of the BDO mobile banking, which you can also access by the tablet.

To do this, simply download the mobile banking app and enter your previously registered access data for electronic use purposes.

The BDO Online Banking app is available for personal accounts and for S corporate accounts.

NetBanking can also be accessed through the Internet browser.

To know more about this, also follow the article How to use BDO Online and learn right now.

However, to learn more about BDO Mobile, read below:

What is BDO Online App

The mobile banking BDO is a secure application that the BDO clients can to use.

Through the BDO app, you can view your statements, check your banking account and even to transfer funds and pay your bills.

In this way, you don’t have to leave your home to make the simple things and checking.

Who Can Get BDO App

The BDO mobile banking app is available to every client who wants to use this modality of account.

However, you need to enable your virtual access data.

This makes your online access more secure and safe.

In addition, customers who choose to use the app, have all the convenience of accessing their bank accounts wherever they are, anywhere in the world.

To do this, simply have a device with an Internet connection.

How to Get BDO Application

If you are a Banco de Oro client, you can get the app through your application store.

To do this, you just have to follow these instructions:

  • Open your application store;
  • Search for Banco de Oro and start the download;
  • After the download, open the app and insert your access data – if you do not have the user and password, you can register it in a few minutes;
  • On the next screen, you will see the main menu and open the selected service.

Services and Information Available in the BDO Mobile App

Check below the main services and information you can get by using the BDO mobile app:

  • BDO Tax Highlights – Tax news
  • Applicable tax legislation and its amendments;
  • Calculation of salaries and remunerations for service contracts;
  • Contacts of the BDO professionals;
  • Annual tax schedule in the form of Tax calendar.