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See How to Access BDO Login

February 22, 2019

Bank customers who wish to access their bank accounts through the website must do BDO Login.

Thanks to this technology, consumers have access to several services that were previously only available in the branches or ATM.

Therefore, you can check your balance, bank statement and even move your account through the digital platform.

This is possible thanks to modern security modules that allow the customer to keep their data confidential, in a protected way and much more comfortable.

Therefore, it is not necessary to leave the house to cease your account.

With a device connected to the Internet you can login to BDO online in a few seconds.

To learn more about how this is possible, follow below:

How to Access BDO Login Online

If you already have an electronic register, accessing your account in the online portal is very simple.

To do this, you simply access the MYBDO website.

Right at the center of the home page, there is a cashier requesting your data to access the account.

Enter your previously registered User ID and password, and then click Login.

On the next page, you will have access to all the options that the digital platform offers.

However, if you do not have an electronic register yet, you can do so on the bank’s own page.

To learn how to register on the website, also follow our article How to Access BDO Online and check it out.

What Can I do on BDO Online Banking

Certainly, customers have many facilities when accessing the BDO online login.

See below some services available on the bank’s website.

  • Check Account Balances;
  • Manage your deposit, credit card, cash card;
  • A compilation of transactions completed;
  • View Transactions;
  • See your transaction history;
  • Pay your Bills;
  • Send Money;
  • Send funds to any account, even in other banks;
  • Get Electronic Statements;
  • Enjoy 24/7 access to your credit card;
  • Receive and save your paperless statements, free.

Who Can Login to the BDO?

The online access feature is a service dedicated exclusively to bank’s customers.

This way, if you are not a BDO client, then you will not be able to benefit from such services, since during the registration, your bank details are required.

So many customers who have personal accounts and those with business accounts can benefit from the digital platform and access their accounts through the website.

This way, you can enjoy all the convenience you can access your account without having to leave the house.

BDO Phone Number

In addition to accessing the BDO online Banking login, you can resort to the phone bank to make inquiries into your account.

This is possible thanks to the telephone line that BDO is intended solely for this purpose.

However, to access the phone banking it is also necessary to have the electronic register.

See below for the list of services you can access through your phone.

  • Check account balances;
  • Pay bills;
  • Transfer money;
  • Report lost or stolen cards;
  • Reload BDO Cash Card;
  • Re-order checkbooks;
  • Know the latest Foreign Exchange and UITF rates.

Metro Manila: (+632)631-8000

Domestic Toll-Free Nº:  1800-10-631-8000 (PLDT)

1800-3-631-8000   (Digitel)

1800-5-631-8000   (Bayantel)

1800-8-631-8000   (Globelines)

International Toll-Free Nº.:  IAC +800-8-631-8000.