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Setting up 192.168 1.1 Network is Very Simple. Check it Out

192.168 1.1 is a numerical sequence that most wireless internet networks use as their address.

This sequence is usually present in a signal distribution modem on home networks used, most of the time, on computers.

The 192,168 1.1 is an IP address router that serves as the gateway to wireless Internet connection.

Through this IP you can configure your modem, router and reset your wireless network access data, such as passwords and user ID.

Several routers can share the Default IP 192,168 1.1.

This way, this is an address that is not unique or unique, but rather a public IP that has the purpose of configuring your Internet network.

To learn how to set up your router, see below:

How to Access 192.168 1.1 Network

If you know your access data, accessing the Router Setup page is very simple.

To do this, simply enter the address 192,168 to 1.1 in your browser and advance.

If this is the address of your router, an access box will appear asking for the User ID and password.

Inform them and proceed so that you can access the configuration page.

After accessing the configuration page, you will have access to numerous configuration options such as DSL, Proxy, DHCP, WLAN, DNS and more!

I Forgot my Password, How to Recover it?

If this is your first access, or if you have forgotten your password, there is reasons to worry.

This is an information that comes embedded in the original packaging of your router.

In this way, to identify the original password, you simply search for an access stamp, usually contained in the lower outside of the box, where the access data is included.

If you have already changed this original password but have forgotten, then you must reset your router.

To do this, look for the Reset button on the back of the appliance.

Usually it is a small hole, where you can insert a needle or toothpick and press for 10 seconds.

Turn it back on and then use the factory access data.

192.168 1.1 is Not Working, What Can I do?

If, when attempting to access your IP address, you typed the address 192,168 to 1.1 and did not work, it is probably because this is not the address of your router.

However, there are also common errors that justify the impossibility of accessing the IP router, such as poorly contacting the Ethernet input.

So to solve the problem, the first step is to check the adapter of the Ethernet input.

If it is right, you can follow its configuration normally.

If the problem persists, you must enter new IP addresses to identify your own.

Why to Access Router’s Interface?

When you have a new router, it does not reach the user ready to be used.

The configuration is part of the process that makes it apt to be used.

This way, the owner of a home Internet network must configure your router as needed and create your access data and password.

This necessary process makes your network much safer from external attacks and even hackers.

In this way, properly configuring your router is an extremely important process to ensure the security of your virtual data and who else has access to your computer or any device that may be connected to the router.